As far back as 1910, my Great Grandparents, Fred and Henrietta Nason, started to bring tourists into the Santa Lucia Mountain Range (Los Padres Nationalal Forest) on horesback.

Their son, Fred Jr. and family are still guiding visitors to the remains of their Native lands and sites.

Henrietta's mother, Tomasa, was one of a handful of survivors of the Tribes' original population. My family is my inspiration as well as the source of 100 years of experience of tourist operations with respect for nature. I am not only one of the few descendant of the Esselen Indians , but also a descendant of Spanish and Mexican invaders, American settlers, adventurers and cowboys.

As a reminder of our heritage, we use the old family brand insignia "The Flying N" and "The Quarter Circle FN"as the marking on all our equiptment. "Two Feathers Camp" is named in memory of my Uncle Jim Barker and bears his Indian name: Ulax Chapis Pawis.

Jimmy Two Feathers was an outdoors person who wished that everyone around him would enjoy themselves, be happy and feel good. It is with that ambition we wish you welcome to Värmland and Dalslands wonderful nature.

John Christer Brynteson and Staff